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Are inspections required for a USDA loan?

April 20th, 2018 by usdaadmin

Do USDA loans require certain inspections?

This is an extremely common question that we receive, because once a sales contract has been signed and any inspections periods have begun, many then wonder what type of inspections are required for a USDA loan? 

Having this information upfront can help reduce unnecessary stress and be better prepared for the loan process.

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So, are inspections required for a USDA Loan?

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Home Inspections

As a starting point, while USDA loans do not require home inspections, but we do encourage them for a buyer’s best interest.


While appraisals are known for establishing the property’s value, it will also provide an overview of the property and determine if it meets minimum property conditions as outlined per USDA and HUD Handbook guidelines.

However, remember that this should not be treated as a substitute for a home inspection

Additionally, if the appraisal cites the need for any inspections such as for the roof, foundation, plumbing, septic tank, etc., then these specific inspections would then be required.

Private Wells or Individual Water Systems

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USDA guidelines for private wells or individual water systems owned and maintained by the homeowner require that a water test be completed that meets either state or local requirements.  

This test must be completed through either the local health authority or a state certified laboratory.  If no such requirements exist, levels established by the EPA 


Septic Tank and Termite Inspections

Further, septic tank or termite inspections are not required for a USDA loan unless otherwise required by the appraiser or as determined by underwriting.


In summary, when questions arise about what type of inspections are required for a USDA loan remember the following:Tampa FL USDA Approved Lender List

  • While home inspections are highly encouraged, they are not required
  • After appraisal is completed, additional inspections may be required
  • Private Wells and individual water systems require a water quality test
  • No specific septic tank inspections, unless required by the appraisal

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