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USDA No Down Payment Construction to Permanent Loan

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What is a USDA Construction to Permanent Loan?

A no down payment USDA loan used for building a new house.

Closing occurs before construction begins and then funds are disbursed to cover the purchase of land, construction costs, and permanent mortgage funding.

Who Can Qualify?

Must be in a USDA eligible area

No loan limits

No acreage limits

USDA income limits will apply

Single Family and Modular Homes

Flexible credit qualifying

This is an incredible opportunity for Buyers, Builders, and Loan Officers.


Watch the video to learn out how to qualify for USDA Construction to Permanent Loan.

Watch the video to find out what costs are included in a USDA Construction to Permanent Loan.

Can you build a home on your own lot with a USDA loan?

How Do I Qualify for a USDA Loan?

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