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Did You Know There are No USDA Loan Limits?

January 25th, 2013 by Sean Stephens

Did you know there are NO USDA Loan Limits?  – USDA Loan Pro

Did you know there are no USDA loan limits under the  Guaranteed Rural Housing Program?  Since there are NO USDA Loan limits, this is a great alternative to both Conventional and FHA loans which would require a down payment and in many cases higher monthly payments due to the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

Many home buyers are not aware that there are NO USDA Loan Limits and automatically assume that since FHA has them then USDA would as well. This is a great video tip to share with buyers and sellers to help spread the word about affordable financing.

Due to the fact there are no USDA loan limits, this opens up a wide variety of properties that home buyers can choose from that fit within their budget.

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