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Do USDA loans require 2 years at the same job?

February 19th, 2016 by Sean Stephens

Do USDA loans require 2 years at the same job?

Work history can be critical when qualifying for a mortgage, but do USDA loans require 2 years at the same job?

As with many guidelines, there is quite a bit of myth to this topic and today’s video tip will provide critical details. If you do know of anyone that may have been turned down due to their time on the job, please take advantage of our free Second Opinion Service (SOS) and see if we can help turn their financing around!

So, Do USDA loans require 2 years at the same job?

When I talk with buyers and Realtors, it is common to be asked if USDA loans require 2 years at the same job.

As you can imagine, guidelines regarding employment history are critical when trying to qualify for a USDA loan.

Do USDA loans require 2 years at the same job?

USDA guidelines state the following regarding employment:

There is no minimum length of time an applicant must have held a position to consider employment income as dependable.
However, the lender must verify the applicant’s employment for the most recent two full years and verify that the applicant’s income has been stable.

If an applicant indicates he or she was in school or in the military during any of this time, the applicant must provide evidence supporting this such as college transcripts or discharge papers.

If the applicant has recently re-entered the workforce after an absence to care for a family member or minor child, extended medical illness, or other circumstance reasonable to the lender, the applicant must provide evidence.

The applicant should not have any gaps in employment of more than a month within the two year period prior to making the loan application.

It remains the lender’s responsibility to analyze the gaps in employment as it relates to the probability of continued income.

Applicants that have not been employed for 12 months with their current employer or have experienced a significant earnings increase are considered high risk. Lenders must ensure the applicant will have the required stable and dependable income to carry the mortgage debt.

Do USDA loans require 2 years at the same job?

It is important to point out, that while you do not have to be on the same job for 2 years in order to qualify for a USDA loan, approved lenders must still determine stable and dependable monthly income from verified sources.

Please remember that job stability provides strength with your qualifying and having long time employment at the same job can be a very strong compensating factor towards both underwriting and USDA Rural Development approval.

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