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Does a USDA Loan have PMI?

October 29th, 2021 by usdaadmin

Do you need Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) with a USDA Loan?So, does a USDA loan have PMI? Today’s video will answer the question if USDA loans have PMI and keep you in the know about terminology and key differences between USDA, FHA, and Conventional loans.

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Do USDA Loans have PMI?

As a starting point and to clarify, PMI (private mortgage insurance) exists on conventional loans in cases of less than 20% down payment and it has a variety of different ways of how it can be paid.

Also, under the Homeowner’s Protection Act, PMI can be terminated either by request or automatically when your balance is paid down to or below 80% of the original home value.

Now, MIP (mortgage insurance premium) is found on FHA loans and is paid monthly.

Does a USDA Loan have PMI

Also, remember that when you have less than 10% down payment on an FHA loan, you will be required to pay the mortgage insurance for the life of the loan.

With down payments of 10% or greater, FHA mortgage insurance will be removed after 11 years.

However, in the case of USDA Loans, they do not technically have mortgage insurance, but instead, have an annual fee and even though it is for the life of the loan, it happens to be over two times lower than that of FHA’s monthly mortgage insurance!

Here is an example to help show you the difference in monthly costs between FHA and USDA:

FHA: .85% X $100,000 = $850 / 12 = $70.83 per month

USDA: .35% X $100,000 = $350 / 12 = $29.17 per month

Does a USDA Loan have PMI

Yes, it is true, even though USDA loans allow for NO Down payment their borrowing costs are better when compared to FHA which requires a minimum down payment.

And don’t forget that your closing costs can be financed with a USDA loan when the appraised value is higher than your purchase price, which is a benefit that FHA will not allow.

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