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USDA Construction Loans for Manufactured Homes in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama

April 29th, 2022 by usdaadmin

USDA Construction Loans for Manufactured Homes in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama

USDA Construction Loans for Manufactured Homes in Florida, Texas, Tennessee and Alabama

How can you qualify for a new manufactured home with a USDA no down payment construction loan?

While I have previously discussed that it is possible to purchase a new manufactured home with a USDA no down payment construction loan, today’s video will take you through the process and steps from qualification to closing!

Remember, if you have not yet done so, make sure to download our “USDA New Construction Guide” with the link below.  This educational resource will walk you through the USDA new construction process and the USDA new construction loan requirements. It is designed for homebuyers, builders, and Realtors alike.


The combination construction to permanent loan section of the USDA guidelines states the following in relation to the single-close program: “A single-close loan combines the features of a construction loan, which is a short-term interim loan for financing the cost of construction, and the traditional long-term permanent residential mortgage.”

In addition, it states under Eligible Loan Costs that “[t]he loan will be used to finance the construction of a new single family housing residence, which can include modular and manufactured home construction” which shows you that the USDA single-close program does allow for manufactured homes under these conditions.

How do you qualify for a Manufactured Home with a No Down Payment USDA Construction Loan?

Qualify for a USDA Construction Loan for Manufactured Homes in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas

#1. USDA Loan Qualification

The first step in the process is to secure proper qualifications. USDA qualifications for property eligibility does remain the same, which means that the manufactured home must still be located within a USDA designated eligible area.

USDA also has county income limits based on household sizes that apply, but since USDA has recently increased these county limits, they provide for healthy income levels to work on a variety of price ranges.

As a USDA approved lender, we will work with your budget to establish an overall eligibility. We will then help you through the entire process from contract to closing.

#2. Manufactured Home Dealer

Once a budget has been set, you will then work with a manufactured home dealer to discuss all the floor plans, pricing, and available options. Unless we have already approved the dealer, they will need to be approved in accordance with USDA single-close construction requirements.

#3. Land Selection

You can use land that is already owned, build on land that is owned by the dealer, or you can choose to purchase land for the home to be built; however, a manufactured home “must be classified and taxed as a real estate.” This means that it must be on owned land and not on land that is rented or leased.

#4. Preparing for Closing

All the below conditions must be satisfied before closing is scheduled:

  • Home has been selected
  • The land has been identified
  • All contracts have been executed
  • Loan application has been completed
  • Appraisal and underwriting is complete
  • USDA commitment is obtained

Closing does happen prior to the start of construction, which is then followed by draw payments disbursed during the build-out phase.


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