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How can your credit score increase in less than a week?

February 1st, 2019 by usdaadmin

What is Rapid Credit Rescoring?

If you are trying to qualify for a mortgage, can your credit score improve in less than a week? What is the process of updating your credit through a rapid rescore?What is the lowest credit score for a USDA loan?

In today’s video, I will review this powerful tool which can help prospective home buyers maximize their credit potential in as little as a week!

However, if you have been recently denied by another bank or lender, don’t forget to take advantage of our Second Chance Service!

This is a great way to gain access to an expert second opinion which can be especially helpful for those loan denials or if you are just in need of guidance on how to make the most out of your home loan qualification.

Just call or email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” difference!

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Rapid Credit Rescoring – What is the process?

  • Review the customer’s credit to analyze what can be done to improve scores
    • This includes reviewing a customer’s credit history from both a manual and automated standpoint to determine what options are available to maximize their credit potential.Sebring FL USDA Loans
  • Customer will then make the adjustments to their credit and provide the necessary documentation for submission
  • Our credit company then works directly with the credit bureaus to update the accounts selected
  • Once the scores are updated, we are then notified to order a new credit report
  • The process takes approximately 3 to 5 business days to complete after documentation is submitted
  • There is NO additional charge to the customer for this expedited request

Some helpful reminders about rapid credit rescoring:

  • This is not credit repair
  • We are not a credit repair company
  • Results can vary based on the differences within each credit report
  • This is beneficial for any customer looking to maximize their credit scores

Last but not least, remember that obtaining a certain credit score does not guarantee loan approval and that minimum credit conditions will aWhat is the lowest credit score for a USDA loan?pply on each loan.

If you have been recently denied for a loan and would like a second opinion, we are here as a resource!

Just call or email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” difference!

800-806-9836 Ext. 280

I want everyone to make it a great day, and look forward to seeing you right here for the next tip of the week!

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