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How Long Does it Take to Process a USDA Loan?

May 8th, 2015 by Sean Stephens

Welcome back everyone, Sean Stephens here again with Metroplex Mortgage Services & another USDA Loan Pro video quick tip.

How long does it take to process a USDA loan?

This is a question that I receive on a daily basis, and although the answer can vary from state to state, how the file is prepared and processed has a major impact on timing.

In today’s short video, I will share with you the specific systems we have in place to process USDA loans from pre-qualification through closing. This is a must see video for any Realtor or Home Buyer involved with a USDA loan approval. Did you know that, when possible, most of my customers prefer the option of scheduling a call back after 5:00? We have found that this is the most convenient time and just another service we offer to help expedite the process and keep transactions on schedule.

How long does it take to process a USDA loan?usda loan process fl

As a USDA Approved Lender, we have the ability to work directly with Realtors, Homebuyers, and the USDA field offices when submitting the file for their approval

Many banks, lenders, or credit unions are not USDA approved, therefore they must submit to a 3rd party UDSA lender to handle the approval process.

This bring to mind the old saying “too many cooks in the kitchen”

Being a USDA loan program approved lender provides us the ability to handle the loan process from A to Z with the following:

  • GUS Underwriting System: As an approved USDA Lender, Metroplex Mortgage Services has access to the “GUS” Underwriting system. This is a great tool during the pre-qualification process to help determine the all important price range and budget.
  • On site underwriting and processing allows for direct communication with the consumer and at the USDA level. For example, when there is a complicated loan and questions arise, we can respond quickly with further explanation or documentation as needed to the USDA office.
  • The ability to prioritize processing in order to submit the loan to USDA.
  • Are you working with an actual USDA Approved Lender – here is a link to find out:

SFHGLD Approved Lenders List

process a usda loan

In Summary, while many may offer the USDA program, it is important to find out who has the required experience to help navigate the USDA loan approval process successfully. It may sound funny, but we truly eat, breathe, and sleep USDA Loans each and every day because this is a program that is there to benefit our rural communities.


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Just call or email if you have any USDA qualifying questions, want to discuss a new scenario, or would just like to take advantage of our free 2nd opinion service which is great for those existing transactions

I want everyone to make it a great day, and look forward to seeing you right here for the next tip of the week!

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