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How Do You Get USDA Approved Before Finding a Home?

January 6th, 2012 by Sean Stephens

How to get USDA Approved Prior to Finding a Home

Getting USDA approved prior to finding a home is a powerful tool that prospective home buyers can take advantage of. Getting pre-qualified is critical, but being USDA approved by an underwriter prior to picking out a home is a tremendous asset for home buyers.


Get USDA Approved Up-Front


  • We provide Prior to Contract (PTC) Approval Service: An applicants credit, income, employment, ratios, etc. can all be approved prior to going under contract on a property
  • During this process we use a “to be determined” address until a contract has been accepted: Once a contract has been accepted, we update the approval with the corresponding property address
  • Benefits include: No credit surprises as credit scores are valid for 90-120 days depending on the loan program. Income and debt ratio approval confirms the maximum qualifying price range for the buyer. Also, processing time is saved due to upfront work. This is an especially powerful tool for buyers in complex scenarios such as self-employment, zero or thin credit buyers or recent short-sales and bankruptcies.

We offer this service for all loan types including USDA, FHA, VA and Conventional loans. Being USDA approved prior to finding a home is a great tool for prospective buyers and for realtors looking to strengthen deals, save transactions and create customers for life.

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