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Metroplex Mortgage Services Wins #1 USDA Lender Ranking in Florida – Back to Back!

June 14th, 2024 by Sean Stephens

Metroplex Mortgage Services is the #1 ranked Florida USDA Lender in 2024 – Again!

USDA Rural Development recently announced their USDA Lender Rankings and we are proud to announce that Metroplex Mortgage Services has once again been named the #1 Ranked USDA Lender in Florida!

We were thrilled to have been the #1 USDA Lender in Florida for 2023, but deeply honored to have once again been ranked the #1 USDA Lender in Florida for 2024! It is truly a privilege to help secure homeownership in our rural communities and we are grateful to work alongside our valued clients and realtors each step of the way.

This ranking means that Metroplex Mortgage Services has closed the most USDA loans in Florida out of all USDA approved lenders. The USDA Approved Lender list includes credit unions, banks, and all nationwide and local lenders.Metroplex Mortgage Services #1 USDA Approved Lender Tampa Florida

We are incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and commitment to excellence, which has once again secured our position as the top USDA lender in Florida. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued clients and Realtors for their trust and support, as well as to our exceptional staff whose hard work made this achievement possible.

In today’s short video, I will explain why a USDA Approved Lender is so critical towards maximizing the USDA loan program and being that source both homebuyers and Realtors can count on!

Now as we all know, Second Opinions are always important – especially with the USDA loan program! If you have financing questions or you are working with another lender, we offer a complimentary service where you can get access to an expert second opinion. Just call, text, or email to review your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” difference!

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Metroplex Mortgage Services Wins #1 USDA Lender Ranking in Florida – Back to Back!

We take great pride in our USDA expertise, but also in keeping service at the forefront and not letting our customers be just another number.

So, when going through the USDA loan process what should you look out for?

Remember, USDA loans are very unique, and having an experienced USDA approved lender is critical to success.

First off, is your lender actually approved by USDA?Metroplex Mortgage Services Wins #1 USDA Lender Ranking in Florida. Sebring and Tampa FL USDA Approved Lender.

While many banks, credit unions, brokers, and lenders may offer the program – very few have dedicated resources set aside specifically for processing, underwriting, and approving USDA Rural Home Loans.

Remember that USDA Approved Lenders are granted the authority to underwrite and issue loan approvals. This “In-House” underwriting ability allows for one dedicated point of contact from initial qualification through loan closing.

With that being said, if they are not USDA approved, then they will have to submit through an actual approved USDA Lender for underwriting, approval, and in order to work with the USDA field offices. 

Obviously, this just creates additional steps needing more time and as the old saying goes “Too many cooks in the kitchen!”.

Secondly, as a USDA Approved Lender, Metroplex is known for our specific USDA loan expertise!

Due to this experience, we are able to maximize the program’s full potential and give our buyers the local competitive advantage they need in today’s market through:

  • Detailed USDA Income and Credit Analysis
  • Thorough understanding of the guidelines
  • In-House Underwriting and Processing Efficiency
  • Both Manual and Automated Loan Approval Options
  • Home Repair Financing for items to be completed after closing!
  • USDA Qualification Letters that Homebuyers, Realtors, and Sellers can count on!

Last but not least, by working with an actual USDA approved lender, you can have one point of contact responsible for:

  • The upfront initial USDA Qualification Process
  • Expediting conditions so the file can be shipped to USDA2023 #1 Ranked Florida USDA Approved Lender
  • Direct communication with USDA field offices for handling of the USDA commitment
  • Ability to provide specific updates on status, without having to call an outside lender for updates

In summary, it is good practice to ask if your current lender is actually USDA approved and how many USDA loans your loan officer has actually closed.  These two questions can at least shed some light into how experienced they may be before you get tangled into a web with an unfortunate outcome. 

Now before I go, I just want to thank everyone for helping Metroplex Mortgage Services be the #1 ranked Florida USDA Approved Lender!

We appreciate the continued referrals and trusting us with all of your mortgage needs. Whether it be FHA, USDA, VA, or Conventional Loans –  Just call , text, or email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” difference!

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Call/Text: 863-593-2001

I want everyone to make it a great day, and look forward to seeing you right here for the next tip of the week!

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