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Prior to Contract USDA Loan Qualification Service in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, or Alabama

August 18th, 2023 by Sean Stephens

Prior to Contract USDA Loan Qualification Service in Florida, Texas, Tennessee, or Alabama

As the housing market changes, we are seeing a surge in lenders committing what we call mortgage malpractice through the loan qualifying mistakes that are being made which can leave doubt in both a seller and their listing agent alike.Prior to Contract

My team at Metroplex is known for our dependability, reliability, and accuracy. As part of our service level commitment to the USDA loan process, we also offer a Prior To Contract qualification service (“PTC”) where we can dive deep into reviewing credit, income, and employment all before a homebuyer goes under contract!

In today’s short video, I will share the steps that we go through to ensure a proper qualification and provide key lender questions you should be asking to help determine if that qualification letter you received is actually worth the paper it is written on.

Now, if you have been denied for a loan or are experiencing financing issues, remember to take advantage of our free Second Opinion ServiceSOS”. This valuable resource is designed to help homebuyers and Realtors gain access to an expert second opinion and is a great for tool for new qualifications as well as those loans that are already in progress.

Remember to just Call, Text, or Email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” Difference!

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We take pride in delivering the gold standard for qualification letters and knowing that Realtors and homebuyers continue to count on us for our dependability, reliability, and complete understanding of the USDA guidelines.

In today’s competitive market, our “PTC” qualification service allows for an in-depth review of a buyer’s credit, income, employment, and debt ratios prior to having a contract accepted.

Our PTC service is able to provide homebuyers with the local competitive advantage and provide Realtors with the certainty they need in today’s market due to the following benefits:

USDA Approved Lender. As a USDA Approved Lender we handle all of the upfront qualifying, loan processing, underwriting approval, and have direct communication with USDA from right within our office. This in-house control allows us to deliver a continuous loan process that is efficient, repeatable, and referable!Metroplex Mortgage Services Wins #1 USDA Lender Ranking in Florida – Again!

Homebuyer Out-Of-Pocket Expenses. Remember the saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! This cannot be more true than in the upfront homebuyer education process. Too many lenders merely tell homebuyers that USDA loans allow for no-down payment without going into other out-of-pocket expenses such as deposits, appraisals, inspections, and closing costs.
We walk our clients through the process so they understand how much money is needed and when those funds will have to be available.

No Last-Minute Credit Surprises! Because credit is thoroughly reviewed and those scores are good for up to 120 days, this allows for time to shop and negotiate for the perfect home.

If further credit assistance may be needed, we also offer credit score expertise and advanced technology as an additional resource to our homebuyers.

By a thorough upfront credit review, this provides for additional time to process credit exceptions such as those with lower scores, previous short sales, foreclosure, or bankruptcies.

Employment and Income. By being able to verify employment, income, and establish their qualifying debt ratios, this provides a homebuyer with their all-important maximum qualifying price range.Sebring Florida USDA Loans

As you can imagine, this is also an excellent tool for borrowers who have complex scenarios such as self-employment, complicated income analysis, and more!

Reduced Closing Times. Because of the upfront work and communication that has been done, this allows Metroplex to close USDA loans within 30 days! These reduced closing times help with sales contract negotiations since your offers are more competitive in today’s market.

Although we focused on USDA loans today, our Prior to Contract program is also available for Conventional, FHA, and VA loans which provide for shorter closing times as well!

As a top ranked USDA Approved Lender, let our program knowledge, work ethic, and experience go to work for you!

Just call, text, or email to discuss your scenario and let us show you the “Metroplex” difference!

Remember, we are known for following up, consistent communication, and closing on time!

Let’s make it a great day and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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