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How Do You Receive USDA Pre-Qualification for a Rural Home Loan?

March 2nd, 2012 by Sean Stephens

Receiving USDA Pre-Qualification for a Rural Home Loan

Many homebuyers today are trying to take advantage of the low rates the USDA loan program provides and want to know how to receive USDA pre-qualification on a rural home loan. This week’s video tip explains the details about how receiving a USDA pre-qualification can help when purchasing a home.

Obtaining a Free USDA Pre-Qualification

We provide free USDA pre-qualifications and the ability to help you qualify for a USDA Rural Home Loan. If you are a Realtor this is a great option if you are working with a client who are unsure of their ability to qualify or would like to see if they can increase their approval limit. Also, this would help existing clients who were not previously offered a USDA loan but would like to see how much money they could save with this program option.

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