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Why is a USDA Approved Lender so important for a successful closing?

July 20th, 2018 by usdaadmin

Did you know that not all lenders are approved by USDA?

Many Realtors and homebuyers think that just because a lender, bank, broker, or credit union offers the USDA program, that they are the approving lender as well.

However, not all lenders are approved by USDA, and in today’s video I will shed light on a topic that many are not aware of because understanding the details can make the difference between a successful closing or signing a cancellation and release.Florida USDA #1 Approved Lender

Now, before we get started, I wanted to share with everyone some exciting news from a recent visit that USDA Rural Development of Florida had to my office where they presented us with the Florida USDA Lender of the Year Award for closing the most USDA loans in Florida for 2017.

I want to thank everyone for the continued referrals and making us your USDA lender of choice!

What are the benefits of working with a USDA Approved Lender?

USDA Rural Home loans are unique in their qualifying criteria, benefits they offer, and eligible areas that they serve.

With that being said, specific advantages can be gained by working directly with an actual USDA approved lender. Today’s video tip will shed light on what benefit this adds to a transaction.#1 Sebring FL USDA Approved Lender

Where can you find a USDA Approved Lender list? (Click the link below)

USDA Rural Development Approved Lender List – Guaranteed Program

For an applicant to obtain a USDA home loan, it may not be necessary for them to work directly with an approved lender. However, for those who are able to work directly with an actual USDA approved lender the following benefits may apply:

USDA Processing and Underwriting:

USDA Approved lenders have direct access to the Guaranteed Underwriting System (otherwise known as GUS). The GUS Automated Underwriting System is specific for USDA loans and their eligibility. When working with GUS, it provides a roadmap for eligibility, maximum debt ratios, and the all important qualifying limits that both Realtors and Homebuyers need to know when shopping for a home.

Ability to save processing times:

While it is true that there can be more steps in the USDA loan process when compared to a conventional USDA approved lenderloan, USDA approved lenders are able to work directly with USDA field offices, which eliminates a middle man in the process.

The importance of managing the loan file and holding direct communication between our office and the USDA specialists is critical for responding to their questions, supplying additional documentation, or provided a quick clarification when requested.

Prioritize USDA Loan Specific Documentation:

USDA Rural Development requires specific documents as part of their approval process. We understand the steps needed and are able to prioritize and clear the necessary items needed in order for the file to be shipped to USDA.

Then while the file is already in line waiting for USDA review, we can satisfy remaining underwriting conditions and prepare the file while we wait for the USDA commitment to be returned. When there are increased USDA processing times, this can be a decided advantage.

USDA Program knowledge and experience:

Another great benefit that goes without saying is the amount of expert knowledge that USDA approved lenders hold. USDA loans cover a specific market and it’s incredibly important that lenders know the ins and outs of this unique loan program. USDA approved lenders understand how the program can be maximized for both consumers and the real estate community.

USDA approved lender

These were only a few of the major advantages which can be held through working directly with an actual USDA approved lender.


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